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Recruiting, Retention and Advancement of Women in Athletics

This is a very different time with a very different feeling. There is a tension between men and women in the workplace that has never existed before. There is, according to Susan Faludi in her book, a "backlash" against the invasion of women into the workplace and women who seek equal rights and privileges (Faludi, 1991). At the start of the 1980's, it was the first time white men became less than 50% of the workforce. It was the first time that no new manufacturing jobs were created. It was the first time that more women than men enrolled in college.
by Donna Lopiano, Ph.D.
Women's Sports Foundation

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Essay by a Black Girl by IHaveANightmareToo, 18, female
..."I have a nightmare," she writes, "that the black family in America has disappeared. While 80 percent of black children lived in a family with a father and a mother under the same roof when I [King] grew up, fewer than 30 percent do today. Why have we allowed this to happen? Neither the Klan nor Jim Crow did this to us. We have done it to ourselves." In these few sentences, she identifies the single greatest problem facing black Americans today; and in so doing, she articulates what our most prominent civil rights leaders – who focus almost exclusively on white society’s allegedly racist transgressions – dare not say....
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Arab American Students in Public Schools

Arab Americans in U.S. schools represent more than 20 countries in the Middle East and Northern Africa. They share many similarities with other immigrant groups seeking to establish an ethnic identity in a heterogeneous country, but they also face additional challenges. These result especially from negative stereotyping; racism and discrimination; widespread misinformation about their history and culture; and, for the majority who are Muslim, the need to find ways to practice their religion in a predominantly Judeo-Christian country (Jackson, 1995).

by Wendy Schwartz
Teachers College, Columbia University

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I Promise Program - An injury/loss prevention program targeted to new teen drivers

Teen car crashes the single greatest cause of teen deaths and permanent injuries in North America. How do you make the roads safer for your teen driver? Until recently there was little a parent could do to reduce the risk of their teen being involved in a car crash. Now there is the "I PromiseProgram".

by Gary Direnfeld,
Executive Director, I Promise Program

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The Most Important People

Happy children have one characteristic in common: they know, without doubt, that they are loved, that they are the most important people in the world to someone else. Helping our children feel this is not always easy. It requires diligence, perseverance, and vigilance.

From National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS 2001)
by Dane L. Peters

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Reducing Injury and Death in Teen Drivers

Given that automobile crashes are the leading cause of injury and death in teens, you can pretty much say that teens drive themselves to trauma centers. And, they do this in record numbers.

from the Journal of Trauma Nursing
by Gary Direnfeld,
Executive Director, I Promise Program

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